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Business Introduction

Patent Department

Our Patent Department forms the core of our company, providing Intellectual Property Prosecution, Litigation, and Post-issue Support Services. Our experienced staff has the requisite training and background in science, engineering, technology, and law. Additionally most members are fluent in at least two languages. Because of its highly qualified and experienced staff, the Patent Department assists our clients in obtaining and securing their IP Rights throughout the world.

Docketing Section

Due Date control is one of the most important aspects in patent prosecution to ensure that valuable rights are not lost, and minimize prosecution costs. Our staff in this section monitors legal deadlines of each patent application and provides alerts as appropriate.

Trademark & Design Department

Trademark & Design Section

Trademark & Design Section provides our clients the following comprehensive services.

  • Trademark Applications in Foreign Countries
  • Design Applications in Foreign Countries
  • Domestic & International Trademark Search
  • International Design Search
  • Trademark Watching Service(provided by TMDS)
  • Trademark & Design Renewal Service

Patent Annuity Department

Patent Annuity Section

Patent Annuity Section
Worldwide Patent Renewal Service Since December 1974, we have been acting as the representative agent in Japan of Computer Patent Annuities LLP in Jersey, Channel Islands. Based on our long-time and close relationship, as well as cooperation and mutual exchange of respective electronic data, together we protect our client's valuable IP assets.

Domestic Patent Renewal Service

With our sophisticated, self-developed patent renewal software, we provide customers with timely, safe and cost effective renewal services.
Our office is located a short walk from the Japanese Patent Office (JPO).

IP Research Institute

IP Research Institute provides research & consulting services for the strategic use of intellectual property rights.

  • Novelty Search
  • Infringement Search
  • State of the Art Search
  • Technology Analysis based on Patent Information
  • Licensing
  • Obtaining patent copies
  • Obtaining a copy of file wrapper
  • CD-ROM products containing Japanese/international patent information.
  • Status Search and/or Tracking/Watching
  • Obtaining IP related books/magazines/Videos/DVD
  • Dealing with Patent Information Databases
  • Electronic Data Selling for Intellectual Property Databases
  • Support Services for Creating Patent Information System
  • Digitization of IP documents
  • Publishing IP News Report (I.P.R., LQ, Asia Report)
  • Research Service on IP Laws in Various Countries
  • Research Service on Judicial Precedent on IP Related Cases
  • Notification of New Chemical Substances
  • Research Service on Registration of Chemical Substances
  • Research Service on Relevant Laws

NGB Group Company

NBT Corporation

Providing Translation Service, specializing in Intellectual Property, Technology Related Documents, Legal Documents, Manuals.