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Business is continually changing, and with it the need to rethink business strategies. The management of a company's Intellectual Property has evolved from an old way of thinking of a patent as mere "insurance" and the costs associated with obtaining that patent as a mere "expense". In today's fast changing and global business environment, Intellectual Property is now also valued as an asset.

On the other hand, the business of an intellectual-property-rights related section is becoming increasingly complex, and the role and expectation for the section in its duty is changing significantly. Whether it is a means of enterprise defense of intellectual property rights, or a patent fee income obtained by open policy, it is necessary to draw up various strategies according to the situation, and search for the capability to develop tactics. Our mission is to accurately assess your needs for your IP rights, strategy, and play an active role to always service you in a timely manner. We do this in the context of a rapidly changing environment. We achieve this mission by making full use of the original know-how which covers the process, through a network of about 250 overseas law offices, about 40 research institutes, which practice "customer inclination" management, and have continued and cultivated clients and experience in IP rights acquisition for years. NGB's goal is to be a global leader in intellectual property protection and services, by meeting our client's needs and requirements in the most effective way.

NGB Corporation Representative

kiyoshi miyazaki