During Japan’s rapid economic growth,
NGB laid the foundation for Japan’s patent business.

NGB was founded in 1959 when Japan’s rapid economic growth was gaining momentum. During this period, when not so many patent applications had been filed, NGB focused on the potential of intellectual property and expanded its business, starting with the importation of foreign patent specifications. The partnership with Derwent in the U.K. was also a breakthrough which greatly contributed to the development of Japanese industry.

1957 Isamu Nishino, who later founded the company, began importing foreign patent specifications.
1959 Nippon Gijutsu Boeki Co., Ltd. was founded.
1960 Concluded sole agency agreement with Derwent (U.K.)
1964 Started patent and trademark search services.
1965 Started intermediary service for foreign patent, design, and trademark applications.



Supporting corporate growth through
technology for NGB to move forward as a successful company overseas.

In the aftermath of the oil crisis in Japan, patent applications increased in Japan with companies seeking to grow through their proprietary technologies. From this period, the prototype of NGB, which is strong in overseas IP matters, was created. NGB started with a resident U.S. patent attorney, and also started a business alliance with CPA Global (UK) in annuity management. NGB worked to establish a support system for companies expanding overseas.

1971 Started stationing of U.S. patent attorney
1974 Started providing WPI services
1974 Started alliance with CPA Global (U.K.) for annuity administration services
1991 Concluded a distributorship agreement with the European Patent Office (EPO)



Actively expanding into Asia
as a partner of globalization.

In the uncertain post-bubble economy, Japanese companies steered toward globalization, and foreign patent applications increased rapidly. In order to establish a worldwide support system, NGB expanded into Asian countries and established a representative office in Beijing. In addition to the ongoing expansion into Europe and the United States, NGB has expanded its support areas and enhanced the intellectual property services it provides.

1994 Established Asia Desk
1994 Established NBT Corporation
2001 Established IP Research Institute, a think tank specializing in intellectual property
2002 Established a Representative office in Beijing



To be a knowledgeable partner
in these ever-changing times.

Today, the business environment continues to change dramatically. We continue to pursue what NGB can do in the midst of the demand for more strategic and business-contributing IP utilization. While expanding our traditional strengths in the overseas domain, we are also developing new businesses and markets. In 2020, we changed our company name to the current NGB.

2008 Started focusing on BRICs and the Middle East
2008 Established Business Development Office to develop new markets
2009 Started U.S. trainee program
2019 Established Southeast Asia representative office
2020 Established Digital Transformation Department
2020 Adopted new company name, logo, and slogan