Trademark Searches

Our experienced search staff accurately understands your search needs. Utilizing various databases and our worldwide network of expert firms, we propose filing strategies based on our search results.


Foreign Trademark Applications

Based on our many years of experience in foreign trademark application practice, we solve your problems related to foreign trademark applications. We quickly collect information from our network of expert firms, and make recommendations on the best way to obtain trademark rights.


Foreign Trademark Renewal Management

In partnership with CPA Global (U.K.), we provide a secure and reliable renewal service at a reasonable cost, and have earned a reputation for reliability and cost savings among our clients since we began this service in 1997.

Recordal Change Procedures

We also provide extensive and detailed support for procedures related to recordal change to streamline your intellectual property management.


Support for Utilization of IP rights

When you encounter problems such as infringement of IP rights, we work to solve the problems and protect your IP rights, and support effective IP utilization.