To be a true partner for supporting global IP activities.

To be a true partner for supporting global IP activities.

Since our founding in 1959, NGB has been supporting our clients’ global “knowledge strategy”. Intellectual property right is a key factor for management strategy, and its associated costs are “investments” that ultimately form part of important “assets.” Operations of IP departments are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, and their roles are changing dramatically. The ability to formulate strategies and deploy tactics in response to different situations is required. Our mission is to accurately understand such needs of our clients who play an active role at the forefront of these IP strategies, and to provide accurate services in a timely manner.

Are we meeting the demands of our clients while their business environment is changing drastically? What became clear to us as we listened to our clients were the challenges facing them regarding new IP activities and their expectations for NGB’s transformation. The demands of our clients include “We want support to accurately understand the latest landscape, in order to develop IP strategies that contribute to business management from upstream,” and “We would like to have proposals for support including IP utilization, beyond just obtaining IP rights.” What can we do, and what should we do while actualizing the needs of clients that have never been experienced before? One answer to this question is “redefining IP strategy support.”

While various external factors are changing rapidly, businesses are faced with the need to not only rapidly transform their global strategies, but also to build IP portfolios for alliance purposes, or to increase the weight of designs, brands, and trade secrets in their portfolios. We aspire to be a true partner for you, promptly identifying changes in the global environment in terms of IP and law, and supporting you with accurate IP support.

NGB Corporation Representative
Kiyoshi Miyazaki