Since our founding in 1959, we have been supporting the discovery of cutting-edge “knowledge.” We will continue to support your intellectual creation on a global level as your partner for IP strategy.

Global Network

We have a global network of more than 1,000 law firms and research organizations in about 200 countries and regions. Using this network, we obtain the latest information on legal amendments from around the world and propose the best IP procedures in each country.

Over 60 years of History

Since its establishment in 1959, NGB has supported technological innovation in Japan behind the scenes, starting with the import and sale of foreign patent specifications, periodicals, and laws and regulations, as well as providing services ranging from IP searches, prosecution, maintenance, and enforcement support.

Human Resource Strength

We have a large number of IP specialists in diverse fields, including Japanese and foreign patent attorneys, foreign attorneys at law, IP analysts, and top winners of patent search competitions. In addition, a large number of administrative staff members who are well versed in the practice of IP procedures in various countries provide solid support to our IP specialists.

Expansion of Client
Base/IP Services

We work with more than 5,000 companies in a wide variety of industries. As a leading company in the IP industry, we provide a wide range of IP services, including IP research, IP registration, IP maintenance, and IP enforcement support at the highest level in Japan. In addition, we offer multifaceted support from an IP perspective with respect to IP portfolios building for alliance purpose, as well as the design, branding, and trade secrets in those portfolios, responding to shifts in your global business strategies.

Credible IT and
Financial Infrastructure

Our proprietary business system ensures strict deadline management and reliable transfer of procedural documents. In addition, we are enhancing our services through extensive IT investments in anticipation of digital transformation. We have also received the highest financial rating from our main bank. With this advanced system/IT infrastructure and sound financial base, we support you as a partner of IP strategy.